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ZTRAW is the perfect reusable solution to enjoy your favorite beverage with style. Designed by Hong Kong designer and assembled by St. James Settlement, it is the world’s first slimmest, foldable and anti-bacterial straw. It solves the biggest issues faced by reusable straws; portability and hygiene. Just open it up to clean every corner and fold it back up to carry it with you anywhere.

Design Features

Easy to Clean: Textured surface for absolute cleanliness with simple wipes; deep clean in sink or dishwasher


Easy to Carry: Foldable to carry anywhere and everywhere in your wallet or jean pocket


Cosy Design: A sturdy triangular shape that blends into the circular top; Ergonomic design that fits mouth shape


Antibacterial Material: Made from antibacterial compound mixed PP and TPE


Suitable for Hot & Cold Drinks: Withstand temperature from 0 to 100°C


Stylish Pouch: Made from antibacterial compound mixed PP material & washable pouch to stay away from a mouldy straw


Lab-Proven Durability: Can be folded for more than 2000 times (around 3-years of use)


Strong triangular shape: Good for thicker drinks or fruit-crushing and can easily pop film on specialty beverage


Solo Pack Product Dimensions:

  • Straw: (Folded) 38 x 95 mm / (Opened as Straw) 6 x 12 x 190 mm 
  • Portable Straw Bag: 63 x 110 mm



Straw: Transparent (Frosted)

10 Bag Colors: Black, Brown, Green, Mint, Navy, Pink, Rouge, Unicorn, Violet, White


*HK Local Delivery Fee 本地運費: HK$30*


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