TUBO. Tea Bottle For Cold Brew

TUBO. Tea Bottle For Cold Brew

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TUBO is a handy bottle for tea brewing and preserving. Air-tight sealing structure enables you to carry it along and brew anywhere anytime.


  • Tailored for cold brew: TUBO is a daily drinking glass as well as a tea infuser. (up to 60mL glass tea container)
  • Air-tight seal: Simple physics! 
  • Atmospheric pressure is a very reliable alternative of traditional thread locking. 
  • Easy brewing: Flip the bottle up-side-down to brew, and turn back to halt the brewing process. 
  • Easy cleaning: Truly no dead corner. 


Product Dimension: 6.7 x 6.7 x 19.5 (cm)




  • 無憂防漏:採用氣壓密封設計,輕輕一按即可鎖緊。
  • 無憂清洗:無死角設計,輕鬆清洗。高硼硅玻璃緻密的表面有效防止茶漬沉積,歷久尤新。
  • 無憂泡茶:采用食品級硅膠濾網搭配標誌性網紋,輕輕翻轉TUBO即可隔開茶葉,暫停泡茶,濃淡相宜隨心控。


產品尺寸:6.7 x 6.7 x 19.5 (厘米)


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