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KnitWarm Smart KneeSleeve 織暖智能發熱護膝

KnitWarm Smart KneeSleeve 織暖智能發熱護膝

Stretchable, breathable and washable KnitWarm KneeSleeve for soothing & improving sub-chronic / chronic. With handy power bank, it provides warmth for improving blood circulation, enhancing muscle soreness recovery & giving excellent compression support to your knees.


  • KneeSleeve helps in soothing and improving stiffness, discomfort, sub-chronic and chronic pain of your knees by promoting blood circulation.  

  • It enhances passive warm up, muscle soreness or injury recovery. 

  • Chic design with various knitting mechanisms ensures a comfortable fit and excellent compression support to your knees, without interfering any daily activities with the stretchable and breathable material.  

  • Battery pockets on both sides allow users to wear either on the right or left knee.

  • inlcuding ultra slim 3000mAh power bank
  • 5 adjustable heat-setting level
  • maintain constant temperature
  • 15/30/60 mins timer
  • mobile app controllable; connected up to 6 KnitWarm products
  • invented, designed and made in Hong Kong.




連 3000mAh超薄行動電源
線控 / 手機應用程式(可同時連接六件產品)


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    Color: beige
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