KnitWarm LanyardWarmer X ideasfromlife Paper ID Badge Holder 織暖頸繩 x 紙造員工卡套

KnitWarm LanyardWarmer X ideasfromlife Paper ID Badge Holder 織暖頸繩 x 紙造員工卡套






皇牌產品 LanyardWarmer「織暖頸繩」是學生、上班一族及醫護人員的至愛,毫無負擔的輕便證件掛繩外型,讓人不止暖在心頭,適合人體的溫熱更可消除疲勞!通過掛繩的傳熱增加頭頸部血液流通,減少工作的緊繃及疼痛症狀。掛繩的溫度可隨個人喜好調校,讓你在神不知鬼不覺間低調取暖。


  • 約一個回收PET膠樽再造紗線編織

  • 55克重量(不連電池)方便攜帶

  • 連 3000mAh 超薄行動電源 (只有61克重)

  • 線控 / 手機應用程式(可同時連接六件產品)
     5段溫度調節 / 恆溫記憶

  • 100%香港研發、設計及製造





  • 底色皮革紙 - 
  • 縫線 - 香檳金色
  • 間隔 - 1相框+1卡位








BeLife Store proudly present

KnitWarm LanyardWarmer X ideas from life Washable Paper ID Badge Holder in Classy Denim Style

limited crossover project for Hong Kong Denim Festival

Lanyards and badges perform important tasks on different occasions in modern days. Stop disposing of these gadgets after events. This crossover lanyard and holder offers additional tech and better durability.

Heartwarming lanyard gives a self-soothing touch and helps relieving neck stiffness and muscle discomfort. 3D embedded smart textile offers gentle heat when encounter a chilly environment.


  • made of yarn recycling from a PET bottles

  • 55 gram weight (without battery)

  • Convenient and portable

  • 3000mAh slim power bank (61 gram weight)

  • 5 adjustable heat-setting level

  • maintain constant temperature

  • 15/30/60 mins timer

  • mobile app controllable; connected up to 6 KnitWarm products

  • invented, designed and made in Hong Kong.


Sustainable & durable washable paper badge holder is crafted by from a sustainably-produced sheet of washable kraft paper to replace leather, with similar durability and water-resistance as well as it being cruelty-free, and is definitely a wise choice in a splendour approach.


Personalized heat debossing 

We heat and press the phase into the impression you wanted.  The burned effect is permanent.  The charm is to age together with the washable paper. Please type in the wordings in the customization box with maximum 10 charaters in English caps lock or numbers.  


Paper ID Badge holder is hand crafted by our passionate expert.  It will take 30 working days.  We will advise the ready date upon your order.  


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