JELLO. Tea Infusing Glass For Cold Brew

JELLO. Tea Infusing Glass For Cold Brew

SKU: JL1701

JELLO provides instant enjoyment of cold brewed tea like opening a jelly cup! -Tailored for cold brew: healthier with better taste.



  • JELLO is a tea brew container as well as a daily drinking glass.
  • Air-pressure sealed high-borosilicate glass with up to 80 mL tea container separating tea leaves from water;
  • Perfect for cold brewing any kind of whole leaf tea. 


Product Dimension: 8 x 9.3 x 12.5 (cm)





  • 倒置即可泡茶,掀盖即可享用,随时享用您的冷泡香茗
  • 自带茶叶滤网,茶水分离,保持茶汤干净清透
  • 无螺纹设计,气压锁盖,更易操作、清洗与维护
  • 12cm高度,为您的冰箱而设计
  • 500ml 高硼硅玻璃杯身(耐热耐冷),满足开怀畅饮
  • 冷泡更健康!



產品尺寸:8 x 9.3 x 12.5 (厘米)



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