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Re-attach - Corage Ring (Gold) / 心形戒指 (金色)

Re-attach - Corage Ring (Gold) / 心形戒指 (金色)

Re-attach - Corage Ring (Gold)


Corage Pinky Ring comes in silver or plated gold. the Old French word "corage" means "heart, innermost feelings, or temper." In fairytales, the courageous knight battles the fire breathing dragon to save the princess. In recognition of their courageous actions, soldiers are rewarded with the Heart medal. This finger snuggle is to remind you to be true to your emotions.


Ring Size: US 3 / 4.5 / 5.5

Weight: 3 g


Re-attach - 心形戒指 (金色)


關於 RE-ATTACH | 香港

Re-attach是一個香港獨立設計師品牌,探索飾品的新維度。在當今世界,“愛自己”已成為一種流行的口頭禪,但是沒有一個指南可供所有人遵循。 Re-attach旨在鼓勵人們保持內在情感,並更好地了解他們與自己,與他人以及與外界的關係,這是學習自愛的第一步。Re-attach由珠寶設計師楊Puyuan Yang和動畫師Heidi Huang共同創立的。來自不同學科的研究,使他們能夠通過新的視角對同一主題進行創新實驗。



  • 鍍銠jin


  • 重量: 3g


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