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ZeroToOne - Tangerine Pu'er Tea (Tin Box) / 茶創樂 - 大紅柑普洱茶 (鐵盒裝)

ZeroToOne - Tangerine Pu'er Tea (Tin Box) / 茶創樂 - 大紅柑普洱茶 (鐵盒裝)

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ZeroToOne - Tangerine Pu'er Tea (Tin Box)


  • Size:7.3*7.3*6cm
  • Ingredients:Tangerine, Pu'er
  • Net Weight:35g


Tangerine pu'er has a similar shape as dry fruits. It was processed by original Xinhui tangerine from Guangdong and excellent pu'er tea from Yunnan in a scientific way. This old tangerine pu'er tea has a special strong flavor, which is like the good old smell only floats in the old time. This tea is good for your spleen and breathing it also has some therapeutic functions. Such as draining for increasing sputum expectoration, relieving cough, refreshing mind. relieving toxication symptoms and diuresis. It is perfect for your daily health beverage.


Brewing method:

  1. Open the package and take out the tea
  2. Put the tea in the pot and add hot water for 5-6 seconds and pour out
  3. Put hot water in the pot for 10 seconds



茶創樂 - 大紅柑普洱茶 (鐵盒裝)


  • 尺寸:7.3*7.3*6cm
  • 成份:新會柑、普洱茶淨
  • 重量:35克




沖泡方法亦很簡單 :

  1. 打開包裝,取出茶
  2. 洗茶-茶放入壺中然後加入熱水5-6秒倒出茶不要
  3. 再次加入熱水約十秒可倒出飲用



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