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ZeroToOne - Glass Tea Set / 茶創樂 - 玻璃茶具套裝

ZeroToOne - Glass Tea Set / 茶創樂 - 玻璃茶具套裝

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ZeroToOne - Glass Tea Set


  • Size:Teapot (19x10.5x10cm) cup (6.5*6.5*5.2cm)
  • Material: glass, bamboo, wood

Glass tea set has a glass teapot, two glass cups and a wooden tray. The exquisite packaging is printed with a tea pattern. It is suitable for gifts or personal use.



茶創樂 - 玻璃茶具套裝


  • 尺寸:茶壺(19x10.5x10cm) 杯(6.5*6.5*5.2cm)
  • 物料 : 玻璃,竹,木





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