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ZeroToOne - 99 Roses Tea / 茶創樂 - 99朵玫瑰花茶

ZeroToOne - 99 Roses Tea / 茶創樂 - 99朵玫瑰花茶

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ZeroToOne - 99 Roses Tea


  • Size:38*32*5.1cm
  • Ingredients:Rose
  • Net Weight:35g


Rose is fragrant and packed with vitamin C and antioxidants making it the ideal drink when your body needs a boost. Rose can benefit your body in any number of ways; it is great for the skin, can help you relax and being free of calories can even contribute towards your weight loss plan.



茶創樂 - 99朵玫瑰花茶


  • 尺寸:38*32*5.1cm
  • 成份:100%玫瑰花
  • 淨重量:35克





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