Zero Yet 100 - Z5 Snow Deodorant Push up Stick (No Fragrance) / Z5雪地紙棒裝止汗劑 – 50g

Zero Yet 100 - Z5 Snow Deodorant Push up Stick (No Fragrance) / Z5雪地紙棒裝止汗劑 – 50g

Zero Yet 100 - Z5 Snow Deodorant Push up Stick (No Fragrance) – 50g


The Z5 Snow Deodorant Push Up Stick is all the good stuff in other deodorants, minus the scent. Absolute perfect choice for sensitive sweaty peeps who want all-natural deodorant sticks without any fragrances!


What am I?

Our unisex Natural Deodorant Stick is our Goldilocks – medium strength for everyday use. The formula comes in a familiar format and is excellent to throw in your bag when you’re on the go.


How to use me

Warm up the stick using your natural body heat and swipe once or twice under clean, dry armpits – you only need the smallest amount for this to work. Use your fingers to massage the deodorant until its fully absorbed – it should only take a few seconds. Apply as needed and carry on with your day!

I come in a paper push-up stick that’s good for your skin and good for the environment. Throw me in the waste paper bin once you’re done using all the goodness inside.


What am I made of?

Our Deodorant Sticks are enriched with 

  • Arrowroot Powder, which is super-absorbent but lets your skin breathe;
  • Antifungal and pH balancing Coconut oil;
  • Vitamin-rich and soothing Shea and Cocoa Seed Butter;
  • Odor-fighting and antibacterial Magnesium Hydroxide;
  • Collagen-boosting and odor-absorbing Diatomaceous Earth;
  • anti-inflammatory Castor Seed oil;
  • and an oil blend of Almond, Apricot, Jojoba, Avocado, and Vitamin E to smooth and nourish your skin.











Zero Yet 100 - Z5雪地紙棒裝止汗劑 – 50g











  • 極易吸收的 竹芋粉
  • 抗真菌,平衡pH的 椰子油
  • 富含維生素和令人安心的 牛油樹脂和可哥籽油
  • 抗臭抗細菌的 氫氧化鎂
  • 含膠原蛋白和吸收臭味的矽藻土
  • 抗炎症的蓖麻籽油
  • 杏仁,杏 ,荷荷巴,鱷梨和維生素E 的混合油以光滑營養您的皮膚


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