Zero Yet 100 - Revitalize Body Oil / 煥發生機身體精油 - 30ml/100ml

Zero Yet 100 - Revitalize Body Oil / 煥發生機身體精油 - 30ml/100ml

Zero Yet 100 - Revitalize Body Oil - 30ml ($388)/ 100ml ($788)


The Revitalize Body Oil not only looks fantastic sitting on a vanity, but our multi-purpose body oil is also perfect for your skin, hair, nails, and everywhere in between! Add a few drops (or more) to your bath, mix with your body lotion or use it on its own.


More specifically, the Revitalize Body Oil is formulated with an essential oil blend that aims to relieve aches and pains. The fast absorbing properties, means you’ll glow, but the only shine you’ll have will be from within. 


Re-use the bottle as a little vase, create your own oil blend, or send it back to us to recycle.


All bath and body oils are formulated with:

  • Coconut- and glycerin-derived triglyceride oils which use fatty acids to replenish and protect your skin.
  • Vegan Squalene oil which balances oil production and has powerful anti-aging and skin-clearing properties,
  • Vitamin E oil which helps fades scars and replenish your skin.


Best for: Normal to combination skin **not suitable for sensitive skin


Revitalize is formulated with:

  • emollient and beta carotene-rich sunflower seed oil;
  • vitamin E rich sweet almond oil which protects from UV radiation damage and improves the look of fine lines;
  • amica oil which relieves pain and swelling. It can also be used as relief for insect bites, sprains, chapped lips, and acne;
  • and menthol which is a cooling, topical pain reliever.


Revitalize is made with an essential oil blend that aims to relieve aches and pains. The blend contains:

  • peppermint essential oil, which uplifts your mood and boosts energy;
  • pine essential oil which warms and soothes tired muscles and promotes circulation;
  • chamomile essential oil which soothes and eases tired muscles and joints;
  • and juniper berry essential oil, famously known for its byproduct – Gin! The oil calms nerves, warms the skin, and reduces tightness and congestion.


Infused with:

  • hydrating and immune-boosting jasmine buds;
  • antifungal and antibacterial cinnamon bark which makes you glow from within;
  • and amethyst crystal which is said to be a natural stress reliever. It aids healthy sleep and detoxifies your skin.


Use for:

  • Relax your muscles
  • Moisturize after shower
  • Massage yourself (or a friend!)
  • Relieve headaches and cramps



Zero Yet 100 - 滋養身體精油 - 30ml ($388) /100ml ($788)






  • 椰子和甘油衍生的甘油三酯油, 由脂肪酸補充,保護您的皮膚。
  • 純素角鯊烯油, 平衡油脂生產,具有強大的抗衰老和清潔皮膚的功能,
  • 維生素E油,可以幫助去除疤痕和煥新皮膚。


最佳適用人群: 正常至混合性皮膚**不適用於敏感皮膚



  • 潤膚劑和富含β-胡蘿蔔素 葵花籽油
  • 富含維生素E的 甜杏仁油 可保護皮膚免受紫外線輻射損害,改善細紋
  • 麥花蕾油, 可減輕疼痛和腫脹。也可以緩解昆蟲叮咬,扭傷,嘴唇裂,痤瘡;
  • 和 薄荷腦 ,一種冷卻的局部止痛藥。



  • 薄荷精油,振奮情緒,增強能量;
  • 松精油, 溫暖和舒緩疲憊的肌肉,促進迴圈;
  • 甘菊精油, 舒緩疲勞的肌肉和關節;
  • 和 杜松子精油, 以其副產品Gin而聞名!能鎮靜神經,溫暖皮膚,減少緊繃和充血。



  • 滋潤和增強免疫力的 茉莉花蕾
  • 抗真菌和抗菌 肉桂皮, 使您由內煥發光彩;
  • 紫水晶, 據說是一種天然的壓力緩解劑。有助於睡眠健康和皮膚排毒。 



  • 放鬆您的肌肉
  • 淋浴後保濕。
  • 按摩您自己(或朋友!)
  • 緩解頭痛和痙攣。



*HK Local Delivery Fee 香港本地運費 HK$40*



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