Zero Yet 100 - Nourish Body Oil / 滋養身體精油 - 30ml/100ml

Zero Yet 100 - Nourish Body Oil / 滋養身體精油 - 30ml/100ml

Zero Yet 100 - Nourish Body Oil - 30ml ($388)/ 100ml ($788)


The Nourish Body Oil not only looks fantastic sitting on a vanity, but our multi-purpose body oil is also perfect for your skin, hair, nails, and everywhere in between! Add a few drops (or more) to your bath, mix with your body lotion or use it on its own.


The body oil is fast-absorbing. This means you’ll glow, but the only shine you’ll have will be from within. 

Re-use the bottle as a little vase, create your own oil blend, or send it back to us to recycle.


All bath and body oils are formulated with:

  • Coconut- and glycerin-derived triglyceride oils which use fatty acids to replenish and protect your skin.
  • Vegan Squalene oil which balances oil production and has powerful anti-aging and skin-clearing properties,
  • Vitamin E oil which helps fades scars and replenish your skin.


Best for: All skin types


Neutralize is formulated with:

  • chia seed oil which reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while also calming oily skin;
  • black seed oil which contains over a whopping 100 vitamins and minerals that fight free radicals and boost skin elasticity;
  • antioxidant-rich jojoba oil which shoos microbes away;
  • and wheat germ oil and vitamin E which are #saviors for cracked skin and dry hair. 


Nourish is formulated with an essential oil blend that is all about #treatingyoself. It includes:

  • anxiety-relieving clary sage;
  • soothing and antibacterial tea tree;
  • immune-boosting and uplifting frankincense;
  • and balancing and stress-busting geranium.


Infused with:

  • redness-reducing rosebuds;
  • antibacterial and scar-healing sandalwood;
  • and clear quartz crystal which is said to protect against negativity. The crystals eliminate energy blockages and establish a strong, clear connection to a higher guidance. 


Use for:

  • Moisturize after shower
  • Soften your cuticles and hair
  • Massage yourself (or a friend!)
  • Remove makeup
  • Hydrate and brighten your face



Zero Yet 100 - 滋養身體精油 - 30ml ($388) /100ml ($788)






  • 椰子和甘油衍生的甘油三酯油, 由脂肪酸補充,保護您的皮膚。
  • 純素角鯊烯油, 平衡油脂生產,具有強大的抗衰老和清潔皮膚的功能,
  • 維生素E油,可以幫助去除疤痕和煥新皮膚。


最佳適用人群: 所有類型皮膚



  • 柔膚子油, 減少細紋和皺紋的出現,同時還能鎮靜油性皮膚;
  • 黑籽油, 含有超過100種維生素和礦物質,能消除自由基,促進皮膚彈性;
  • 富含抗氧化劑的 荷荷芭油 ,驅走微生物;
  • 和 麥花蕾油, 和 維生素E 用於皮膚開裂和頭髮乾枯;


滋養的配方全是呵護自己用的各種精油 混合物。包括::

  • 舒緩焦慮的 鼠尾草
  • 舒緩和抗菌的 茶樹
  • 增強免疫力和振奮性的的 乳香
  • 平衡和消除壓力的 天竺葵.



  • 退紅 玫瑰花蕾
  • 抗菌消炎祛疤的 檀香
  • 和 透明的石英晶體, 保護對抗負面影響。晶體能消除能量阻塞,並建立牢固、清晰的連接,以獲得更高的引導。 



  • 淋浴後保濕。
  • 軟化您的角質和頭髮。
  • 按摩您自己(或朋友!)
  • 卸妝
  • 水合物,中和您的臉。



*HK Local Delivery Fee 香港本地運費 HK$40*



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