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Zero Yet 100 - Glow Getter Body Scrub / 咖啡身體磨砂帶閃粉 - 20g/200g

Zero Yet 100 - Glow Getter Body Scrub / 咖啡身體磨砂帶閃粉 - 20g/200g

Zero Yet 100 - Glow Getter Body Scrub - 20g ($78)/ 200g ($228)


The Glow Getter Body Scrub features Robusta coffee which not only exfoliates the skin but also removes bacteria and increases blood flow circulation. The high caffeine content in our star ingredients can reduce the appearance of stretch marks and signs of ageing! 


The combination with other natural ingredients gives this body scrub the rejuvenating and moisturizing powers to bring out your inner glow and leave behind a subtle shimmer.


Cellulite is totally natural (#bodypositivity) but if you’d like to reduce the appearance of it, this scrub tightens the skin by improving blood flow and eliminating excess water.


Best for: All skin types



  • cellulite-fighting Robusta coffee which #perks up your skin with its caffeine-rich and exfoliating properties;
  • nutrient-rich sweet almond and macadamia oil which soothes and nourishes your skin with vitamin A and Omega-9;
  • brown sugar which not only exfoliates but contains glycolic acid and antibacterial properties that keep your skin radiant and healthy;
  • anti-inflammatory rice powder which soothes sunburns, treats acne and prevents fine lines;
  • Dead Sea salt which increases blood circulation at the skin’s surface;
  • and synthetic mica* so you glow inside and out



Gently massage the scrub in circular motions on damp skin for a few minutes. Give dry skin, scars, stretch marks, and cellulite some extra love and attention. Rinse and glow!


Insider Tip: After exfoliating, moisture your skin with a body oil to enhance your #glow.




Zero Yet 100 - 咖啡身體磨砂帶閃粉 - 20g ($78)/ 200g ($228)


最佳適用人群: 所有類型皮膚



  • 富含脂肪的 羅布斯塔咖啡, 使您的皮膚變得富有咖啡因和去角質;
  • 營養豐富的 甜杏仁 和 澳洲甜杏仁油, 含有維生素A和歐米茄-9,能舒緩和滋養您的皮膚,用;
  • 紅糖, 不僅能去角質,而且含有乙醇酸和抗菌特性,保持皮膚的光澤和健康;
  • 抗炎症 米粉,減輕曬傷、治療痤瘡和防止細紋;
  • 死海鹽,增加皮膚表面的血液迴圈;
  • 和 合成雲母* 使您由內而外煥發光彩。








*HK Local Delivery Fee 香港本地運費 HK$40*



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