Zero Yet 100 - Exfoliating Face Wash Powder (Normal Skin) / 去角質潔面粉 (普通肌) - 40g

Zero Yet 100 - Exfoliating Face Wash Powder (Normal Skin) / 去角質潔面粉 (普通肌) - 40g

Zero Yet 100 - Exfoliating Face Wash Powder (Normal Skin) - 40g


The Exfoliating Face Wash Powder features twelve all-natural botanical ingredients that reduce unevenness, deeply hydrates, and pacifies aggravated skin. The face wash powder gently buffs dry skin, draws out oil, treats problemed skin and deeply nourishes. The formula works best for normal skin, leaving your skin deeply cleansed and brightened! 


Best for: Normal skin



  • pH-balancing French green clay which acts as a magnet for excess oil and orange peel extract which regulates the production of sebum;
  • skin-smoothing soapnut extract (also used to treat eczema, psoriasis, and blackheads);
  • Aloe vera leaf powder and Omega 6 rich camelia seed oil hydrate and keep your skin baby soft;
  • hydrogenated jojoba oil and white willow bark extract which gently buff away dry skin;
  • a trifecta of anti-inflammatory powders (calendula, rice, and horsetail) which treat blemishes and help your skin retain elasticity;
  • and Circulation-boosting ginseng powder which protects your skin from free radicals.



Pour a dime-sized amount into your palm and add enough water to make a paste. Gently massage it into your skin and rinse off with cold water to tighten your pores. 


For best results, follow up it with ZeroYet100’s Nourishing Facial Toner Mist and ZeroYet100’s Day Moisturizing Cream. Use daily.


Insider Tip: You can use this as a mask, too! Instead of water, use ZeroYet100’s Nourishing Facial Toner Mist, honey, yogurt or coconut milk to make a paste. Leave on for 3-5 minutes and rinse off.


Once you’re done with me, you can send me back to ZeroYet100 to get recycled.



Zero Yet 100 - 去角質潔面粉 (普通肌) - 40g


最佳適用人群: 正常皮膚人群



  • 平衡pH的 法國綠色粘土 和能吸引多餘的油脂 ,調節皮脂生產的橙皮提取物
  • 平滑皮膚的 皂莢提取物 (也用於治療濕疹、牛皮癬和黑頭病);
  • 蘆薈葉粉 和歐米茄6豐富的 山茶花籽油 可水化並保持您的皮膚柔軟;
  • 氫化荷荷巴油 和 白柳樹皮提取物 可以溫和地去除乾燥的皮膚;
  • 三種抗炎粉(金盞菊, 、大米和 馬尾)可治療皮膚缺陷,説明皮膚保持彈性;
  • 還有促進迴圈的 人參粉, 可保護皮膚免受自由基的侵害。





後續使用ZeroYet 100的滋潤面膜和ZeroYet 100日用保濕霜效果更佳。每天使用。


內幕貼士:也可以用作面霜!用ZeroYet 100的滋潤面膜、蜂蜜、優酪乳或椰奶來製作糊狀物。等待3-5分鐘,沖洗乾淨。


一旦用完,您可以將其送至ZeroYet 100回收。



*HK Local Delivery Fee 香港本地運費 HK$40*



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