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Zero Yet 100 - Day Face Moisturizer with Sun Protection / 日用防曬保濕面霜 - 30g

Zero Yet 100 - Day Face Moisturizer with Sun Protection / 日用防曬保濕面霜 - 30g

Zero Yet 100 - Day Face Moisturizer with Sun Protection - 30g


The Day Face Moisturizer is an all-natural sunscreen packed with antioxidant-rich ingredients that nourish your skin and prevent hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and acne. The moisturizer hydrates, visibly plumps, soothes, leaving you with glowing skin.


The face moisturizer’s sebum-controlling formula leaves your skin feeling hydrated, but not greasy. The formula isn’t oily, heavy or sticky – perfect for using under makeup or worn alone to let your skin breathe.

Use daily for radiant, sun-safe skin.


Best for: All skin types



  • Green Tea Leaf Extract and Titanium Dioxide which safely protects skin from UVA and UVB radiation;
  • Vitamin E rich Jojoba Seed oil which tames chafing, reduces redness, and does #damagecontrol on your skin;
  • Rosemary Extract which tones and relieves your skin of congestion;
  • Pomegranate Extract that is packed with minerals and Vitamin C which help delay aging and treat acne;
  • Hyaluronic Acid and Caprylic that help your skin stay baby soft with their emollient and collagen-boosting properties;
  • Natural Bisabolol, Frankincense and Geranium which keep acne and excess sebum at bay.



After cleansing and toning, dab a pea-sized amount all over the skin and massage gently until it’s fully absorbed. 


For best results, use this after ZeroYet100’s Face Wash powder and Nourishing Facial Toner Mist



Zero Yet 100 - 日用防曬保濕面霜 - 30g



最佳適用人群: 所有類型皮膚



  • 綠茶葉提取物 和 二氧化鈦, 安全保護皮膚免受UVA和UVB輻射;
  • 富含維生素E的 荷荷巴籽油 ,溫和您的皮膚,減少發紅,並控制對皮膚造成的損傷;
  • 迷迭香提取物, 調色和緩解皮膚充血;
  • 石榴提取物, 富含礦物質和維生素C,有助於延緩衰老和治療痤瘡;
  • 透明質酸 和 辛酸, 幫助您的皮膚保持嬰兒般柔嫩的潤澤和富含膠原蛋白;
  • 天然的雙酚A乳香 和 天竺葵, 使人體免於痤瘡和多餘的皮脂困擾。





若要取得最佳效果,請先使用ZeroYet 100的潔麵粉和滋潤面霜後再用。



*HK Local Delivery Fee 香港本地運費 HK$40*



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