Zero Yet 100 - Charcoal Detox Pack / 排毒面膜 - 45g

Zero Yet 100 - Charcoal Detox Pack / 排毒面膜 - 45g

Zero Yet 100 -Charcoal Detox Pack - 40g


The Charcoal Detox Pack is a multipurpose mask that draws out impurities and buildup. We initially formulated this detox mask to help our customers speed up and ease the transition into natural deodorants. However, this detoxifying formulation uses charcoal to clear pores on the face, feet, and anywhere else you need it!


With consistent use, you can expect less nasty odors, uncomfortable irritations, smelly sweat and even improved skin quality.



Our detox pack is formulated with natural ingredients that act as a magnet for buildup and impurities. 


  • toxin-busting and nutrient-rich bentonite clay;
  • collagen-boosting and odor-absorbing food-grade diatomaceous earth;
  • apple cider vinegar which restores your pH balance busts microbes, and gently exfoliates your skin;
  • antioxidant-rich licorice extract which also has anti-aging and skin-soothing properties;
  • witch hazel extract which prevents inflammation and neutralizes free radicals;
  • sage extract, which promotes cell regeneration and fights against free-radical damage;
  • soothing and protecting hops extract which improves skin texture with consistent use;
  • vitamin-rich and anti-inflammatory Aloe vera;
  • and cleansing and toning rosewater.



Spread a thick layer of the mask onto clean, dry armpits. Relax for 10-15 minutes as the mask dries. Rinse off with warm water. Use daily for 7-10 days when transitioning to natural deodorants, then use once per week as needed.


Insider Tip: Mask your pits just before you hop into the shower. While you wait for the mask to dry, treat yourself to a collagen-boosting body scrub or a deep cleansing face wash.



Zero Yet 100 - 排毒面膜 - 45gm





  • 膨潤土粘土, 抗毒素、富營養;
  • 食品級矽藻土, 膠原增強和異味吸收;
  • 蘋果醋, 平衡pH,溫和去角質;
  • 富含抗氧化劑的 甘草提取物, 抗衰老和皮膚舒緩;
  • 金縷梅提取物, 防止炎症和中和自由基;
  • 鼠尾草提取物,促進細胞再生,防止自由基損傷;
  • 啤酒花提取物, 持續使用 可保護和改善皮膚紋理;
  • 蘆薈 ,富含維生素、抗炎;
  • 玫瑰水, 清潔和調色。








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