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ZeroToOne - Lemon Tea (7pcs) / 茶創樂 - 檸檬紅茶 (7粒裝)

ZeroToOne - Lemon Tea (7pcs) / 茶創樂 - 檸檬紅茶 (7粒裝)

SKU: TE-r-001

ZeroToOne - Lemon Tea (7pcs)


  • Size:5.5*5.5*29cm
  • Ingredients: Black Tea, Lemon
  • Net Weight:110g


Lemon black tea is a tea drink with mellow taste of black tea and sweet and sour citric acid. It has the functions of strengthening stomach and digesting, and is very suitable for drinking after a meal. Regular drinking lemon tea also has the effects of moisturizing the skin, whitening and promoting blood circulation.


Brewing method:

  1. Open the package and take out the tea
  2. Put the tea in the pot and add hot water for 5-6 seconds and pour out
  3. Put hot water in the pot for 10 seconds


茶創樂 - 檸檬紅茶 (7粒裝)


  • 尺寸:5.5*5.5*29cm
  • 成份:古樹紅茶、安岳檸檬
  • 淨重量:110g




沖泡方法亦很簡單 :

  1. 打開包裝,取出茶
  2. 洗茶-茶放入壺中然後加入熱水5-6秒倒出茶不要
  3. 再次加入熱水約十秒可倒出飲用



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