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Zero Yet 100 - Z2 Woods Deodorant Spray / Z2 森林型噴霧型 – 100ml

Zero Yet 100 - Z2 Woods Deodorant Spray / Z2 森林型噴霧型 – 100ml

Zero Yet 100 - Z2 Woods Deodorant Spray-100ml


The Z2 Woods Deodorant Spray is a unisex natural deodorant spray that is perfect for on the go. The paraben free and clean deodorant naturally keeps you smelling and feeling fresh. The all-natural deodorant pot keeps pores open while helping you say goodbye to nasty odors!

The deodorant spray is formulated to smell fresh and earthy – like a warm and breezy spring day spent on the grass. The blend combines the deep scent of Vetiver, Ginger Root and Black Pepper with citrusy Grapefruit and Lime.

The essential oil aromas not only smells wonderful but brings you one step closer to wellness!

  • Vetiver gently clears your blemishes while promoting relaxation;
  • Ginger Root stimulates blood flow and keeps bacteria at bay;
  • Black Pepper detoxifies the body;
  • Grapefruit tones your skin and uplifts your mood;
  • And Lime is antiseptic and gives your energy a lil’ boost.


What am I?

Ideal for those who are new to natural deodorants or want freshness on the go. The Z2 unisex Natural Deodorant spray comes in a familiar format that is compact enough to slip into a day or gym bag.


How to use me

After cleansing, spritz under each arm and let dry. Reapply as needed.

Insider tip: The gentle formulation is ideal for everyday use and works well on stinky feet, too – just spray and carry on with your day! Once you’re done with me, you can send me back to ZeroYet100 to get recycled.


What am I made of?

Our Deodorant Sprays are enriched with 

  • anti-inflammatory licorice extract, which fades dark patches #doubleduty;
  • odor-fighting and detoxifying witch hazel extract;
  • hops extract, which prevents the growth of bacteria;
  • detoxifying and deodorizing apple cider vinegar*; 
  • acne- and wrinkle-fighting magnesium chloride;
  • and skin-purifying lichen extract.


Zero Yet 100 - Z2 森林型噴霧型 – 100ml



  • 香根草在使您放鬆的同時,溫和地溫和地清除您的瑕疵斑痕;
  • 薑根能刺激血液流動,防止細菌進入體內;
  • 黑胡椒能解毒;
  • 葡萄柚能增強您的皮膚,提升您的心情;
  • 酸橙是防腐劑,增加您的活力。



對於第一次使用天然除臭劑或者想要嘗鮮人來說是理想的。 Z2 ]兩性用天然除臭噴霧劑造型源自一個大家很熟悉的版式,內容物緊實,可以輕鬆使用一整天,尤其是在健身房忙碌的人群。








  • 抗炎症 甘草提取物,淡化暗斑#雙重功能;
  • 除臭解毒的 金縷梅提取物
  • 啤酒花提取物, 防止細菌的生長
  • 可解毒除臭的 蘋果醋*; 
  • 祛痘祛皺的 皺氯化鎂
  • 淨化皮膚的 地衣提取物


*HK Local Delivery Fee 香港本地運費 HK$40*


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