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Verdandi House - 蘋果手錶寶石錶帶:7 days of week - Monday

Verdandi House - 蘋果手錶寶石錶帶:7 days of week - Monday

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Verdandi House - Gemstones apple watch band: 7 days of week - Monday


When Technology meets Elegance, "7 days of week" gemstones watch band collection is a combination of Technology and Jewellery. This is an accessory combined with Apple Watch that are focused on stylish, elegant and aesthetic. It provided a smart design option to suit outfits for different occasions, and to match your personal style. Empower your Day, your Life!


The design, names and stone selection are inspired by the origin of Monday to Sunday in Norse mythology. With each corresponding to one of the god's characteristics.


MONDAY (Day of the moon)

correspond to the god of the moon, Mani

Stones: Moonstone

Material: 18k silver rhodium plated

Healing: Emotion & Spirituality


  • Size: L19.5cmx H1.6cm x W3.2cm
  • Weight: 0.029kg



Verdandi House - 蘋果手錶寶石錶帶:7 days of week - Monday


當科技遇上優雅,我們創造了“7 days of week”寶石智能手錶帶系列。它是融合了科技與珠寶的穿戴式藝術品,並圍繞著時尚、優雅 、美學的三大元素。它解決了大家出席不同場合時, 衣服與智能手錶配襯的問題,提升個人風格。設計靈感與命名是來自於北歐神話故事中,星期一至日的起源。


  • 尺寸: L19.5cmx H1.6cm x W3.2cm
  • 重量: 0.029kg



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