Verdandi House - Anti-bacteria Necklace - Blooming / 殺菌鍍膜頸鏈 - Blooming

Verdandi House - Anti-bacteria Necklace - Blooming / 殺菌鍍膜頸鏈 - Blooming

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Verdandi House - Anti-bacteria Necklace - Blooming


Express a message “Live Life in full Bloom”. ABA Coating technology can speed up the elimination of viruses on skin, such as acnes and lip sores. Integrates this technology into daily accessories, people can achieve beauty anytime, anywhere. Use of semi-precious stone – Garnet and moonstone,  which is related to Beauty. It helps to promote blood circulation, enhance body energies and achieve beauty effects. Therefore, people can stay beautiful as blooming flowers every day. “Flower of Life” pattern is applied to a part of the design that enhance the life energy.


  • Necklace charm: 21mm, Chain: 18 inch extend to 21 inch
  • Materials: Brass, Stainless Steel, Garnet and moonstones


Verdandi House - 殺菌鍍膜頸鏈 – Blooming


帶出“Live Life in Full Bloom, 生活得像盛開的花的訊息。ABA Coating鍍膜技術可以加快消滅暗瘡、唇瘡等皮膚上的病毒,我們把技術融入日常首飾當中,方便攜帶,讓人們隨時隨地都達到美顏效果 方便疫情期間,即時殺滅手指上的細菌


設計中加入了同樣有美顏功效的半寶石-石榴石、月亮石,有助於促進血液循環,增強活力, 繼而能夠達致美容養顏的功效,每天都像盛開的花一樣美麗。通花部分運用了「生命之花」 圖騰,加強生命的能量。


  • 尺寸:吊咀:21mm頸鏈:18可伸延至21
  • 物料:黃銅、不銹鋼、石榴石、月亮石


有效殺99.9 %細菌

  • 減少因人與人接觸下而傳播細菌
  • 適用於面上暗瘡、唇瘡,可抑制細菌生長








*殺菌鍍膜通過 SGS 發出的有效認證


*HK Local Delivery Fee 本地運費: HK$30*


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