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Tung Hing Glass - Pond Vase /同興玻璃 - 池中花

Tung Hing Glass - Pond Vase /同興玻璃 - 池中花

Tung Hing Glass - Pond Vase 

The vase is made of porcelain and glass. Creating a levitating effect, it holds the flowers in the centre with an elegantly made Tung Hing glass exterior that protects the Yuet Tung fine porcelain tube. It namely ‘Pond Vase’ is to depict and capture the classic exquisite Chinese garden scene.

Looking through the glass, the contained water interacts with the Yuet Tung classic goldfish prints on the porcelain. The fish wraps around the vase and could be viewed from any angle, making it an elegant centerpiece in the room. The goldfish are magnified by the water in the vase, creating the illusion of them swimming inside the vase. 


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同興玻璃 -池中花
由白色瓷器和透明玻璃製成;設計把印有經典廣彩金魚圖案的粵東陶瓷管放置中間,營造懸浮效果。精細製作的同興玻璃在外保護,再放上花朵,顧名思義,「池中花」是描繪和捕捉了經典中國花園池塘的場景。透過通透的玻璃,盛載的水與瓷器上的金魚圖案互相互動,讓它們猶於置身於水中。金魚以 360 度環繞著花瓶,並可以從任何角度欣賞和觀看。金魚彷彿在池塘裏游動,而水的特性會使魚群同時被放大和產生有趣的幻覺效果。

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