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TP² l Reform of the Writing tool

TP² l Reform of the Writing tool


T stands for Triangle while P² means Pen and Pencil. TP² is an aluminium pen that is compatible with ballpoint refill and mechanical pencil. Writers can switch the writing instrument from pen to pencil within steps. The cap is designed for TP² to stand, hold pen in another way, measure and draw lines. Bring TP² along with your notebook, you can write and sketch anytime, anywhere.


The design of TP² is derived from simple geometric patterns. Triangle and Hexagon comprise shaft of the pen and Isosceles triangle serves as the stand. It is not hard to see that I used many symmetric shapes in TP², because symmetry patterns create balance, and balance in design creates harmony, order, and aesthetically pleasing results. The simplest symmetry is ubiquitous in nature, geometric patterns and mathematics elements like shadows in our living, like snowflake and honeycomb. Thus, Yuan would like to bring the beauty of geometry to your daily life.


When TP² is put on the pen stand, you may observe a slight tilt, a 10-degree lean, results floating illusion and interesting imbalances. This idea comes from the Leaning Tower of Pisa, known worldwide for its nearly four-degree lean, is a beautiful architectural accident. That’s make TP² become a timeless writing utensil.


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