idi Toothbat - Childers Mini / idi 線牙樂 - 迷你蕭廸士

idi Toothbat - Childers Mini / idi 線牙樂 - 迷你蕭廸士

Childers X Toothbat!! Childers, born in 1982, is no doubt a middle aged man. However, he is still innocent and active like an eight years old boy. “Thanks Jesus for creating me, Childers and our surroundings!” Childers said, “Toothbat……let me feel a greater LOVE. It was born because the creator's wish to promote a better health on his family. I believe Toothbat can have a strong impact to the trend on flossing in the future. Hope we can share the belief “Faith, Hope, Love” to those using it.” “Childers Mini” is a mini head version of Childers for whom has limited oral space.Handle


Colour: Green, Blue, Red

Head Material: Tritan Copolyester (BPA free)

Product Dimensions : 2.6 x 2.2 x 13.7 cm

Weight: 19 g




Childers x Toothbat!! Childers, 生於1982年, 毫無疑問現在已是一個中年男仔。然而他仍然看來還是一個純真和活躍的八歲男孩一樣。Childers創作人:”感謝耶穌成就了我,Childers和我一直遇到的事情” “Toothbat……創作過程讓我感覺到得多愛,感恩的空氣。Toothbat的出現是因為想帶給人更多健康的方法,我相信Toothbat能成為未來口腔健康的一個強大的工具。祈願我們繼續利用Toothbat分享”信”,”望”,”愛”的精神。


顏色 : 綠, 藍, 紅

物料: Tritan Copolyester (不含雙酚A)

尺寸: 2.6 x 2.2 x 13.7 cm

重量: 19 g


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