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The 10K NoteBook (Ares - A6)

The 10K NoteBook (Ares - A6)

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Product Descriptions

As I am a fan of John Wick movie, this design was inspired by the secret hollow book hidden in the library. We wanted to create a box set that can keep all our secrets, especially the moment that we can enjoy poker gaming, smoking cigars, and drinking with our companions. On top of this, poker gaming also plays a highly important role in our original IP 10K & The Kriminal World, so building up the 10Ks impression and experience through this set are the major factors and considerations during the design progress. This product was designed as a high-end collectible item for the mature market, not only gold foil and good quantity paper has been used in the production, sound effects and theme music had been applied to the product for a better 10K & The Kriminal World experience.


The playing cards with the individual character's artwork also serve as a collectible art book. Also, the branded casino chips had added tremendous value to the set. This mature product was created to bring a new fresh taste and impact to the traditional IP related market. At last but not least, we would like to show our appreciation and tributes to all the gangsters and assassin movies through this poker set.


NoteBook Size: 90 (W) x 140 (H) mm

Material: 100gsm x 144 sheets, Expandable Inner Pocket



這副撲克的創作啟發自黑色驚悚電影殺神(John wick)系列。



撲克遊戲在我們創作的IP 10k & the kriminal world 中是十分重要的元素,藉此我們創作一個撲克套裝,既可帶出10K世界觀,同時亦可向黑幫及殺手電影致意。


記事簿尺寸: 190 (W) x 140 (H) 毫米

紙張: 100gsm x 144 頁, 可縮放內袋


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