Civil Link Tea - Tangerine Pu-er Tea / 陳皮普洱茶

Civil Link Tea - Tangerine Pu-er Tea / 陳皮普洱茶

Civil Link Tea - Tangerine Pu-er Tea

6 years tangerine peel mix with 10 years Pu-er tea


Taste:   Very soothing and has a sweet aftertaste.



  • reduces hypertension
  • regulates hyperlipidemia
  • prevents angiosclerosis, anti-oxidation, defers aging
  • prevents diabetes


Preparation method:  

  • Use glass or covered porcelain tea cup,
  • Put one bag of tangerine Pu-er tea, add hot water, and it is ready to serve.



  • Tea is mid and soothing, suitable for all ages, in particular it is suitable for daily drink for the elderly, is a perfect choice of gift for the elderly.  
  • It is also good for long time smokers, people who uses computer all day long, people with hypertension, chubby people.   



  • Keep away from high temperature, high humidity, and smelly places.  
  • Store in cool, dry, and airy place, the longer you keep the better.    


Origin: China


Packing: 20 bags x 10 grams/box


Civil Link Tea - 陳皮普洱茶


口感: 醇厚回甘,生津飽滿。


功效: 降脂、降壓、抗動脈硬化、祛痰、平喘等作用。


沖泡方式: 玻璃杯沖泡或蓋碗沖泡,投入一包陳皮普洱茶,加入溫開水沖泡即可。



  • 茶性溫和甘醇,老少皆宜,特別適合中老年人養生常飲,是孝敬長輩的最佳茶品。
  • 長期抽煙者、長期使用電腦者、注重保健的老人、心腦血管、高血壓患者、肥胖者品飲效果更佳。





原產地: 中國


包裝: 20包x10克/盒


*Delivery Fee is to be paid by the customer upon receiving the product(s) sent by courier. 產品速遞運費到付.


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