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Simple Lab Experience - T-RING. Tea Brewing & Filtering Set/T-RING重力系極簡自動過濾隔渣玻璃壺

Simple Lab Experience - T-RING. Tea Brewing & Filtering Set/T-RING重力系極簡自動過濾隔渣玻璃壺

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Simple Lab Experience - T-RING. Tea Brewing & Filtering Set


T-RING tea brewing & filtering set offers a hassle-free tea time by filtering away tea leaves elegantly with the smart T-RING! Try with different ingredients.


  • Auto-press: T-RING works like the auto version of French-press for brewing. Simply place the T-RING into the water when your tea is almost ready. It will slowly sink down to the bottom elegantly and filter away tea leaves all the way along.
  • Control the brew strength: T-RING offers a revolutionary way of suspending the brewing process by slowing down the water flow and keeping the tea leaves compactly at the bottom.
  • Easy handling: Sink down slowly while filtering;  Stay steady at the bottom while drinking/pouring; Slide out easily while fully upside down; Easy cleaning with stain-free materials: high quality hand polished stainless steel and high-borosilicate glass.


Product Dimension: 8 x 14 x 22 (cm)


Simple Lab Experience - T-RING重力系極簡自動過濾隔渣玻璃壺 法壓式




  • 高效自動過濾環,給您充滿驚喜的泡茶體驗
  • 封鎖水流交換,有效鎖住茶水濃度,鎖定口感
  • 簡潔造型組合,更易操作與清洗
  • 1000mL 高硼矽玻璃壺身(耐熱耐冷),更適合與朋友分享
  • 316醫療等級不銹鋼過濾環,更為你的健康著想



產品尺寸:8 x 14 x 22 (厘米)


*HK Local Delivery Fee 本地運費: HK$30*


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