April4Design - Sparkler Card - Star of Hope / 火卡 - 黑夜星光

April4Design - Sparkler Card - Star of Hope / 火卡 - 黑夜星光

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April4Design - Sparkler Card - Star of Hope

Sparks do not last forever but memories do. Unveil your greeting in a miracle way by setting the greeting card on fire. The greeting messages written will emerge gradually!


How To Use:

  1. Write your own message on the inner card (white area)
  2. Fold the card carefully
  3. Insert the inner card to the main body
  4. Be aware that the chemical paper is fragile
  5. Scratch the matches on the side and light up the card
  6. Enjoy the memorable moment!
  7. Product Size: 150x195x5mm


Be Aware:

*This product is highly inflammable

*Storage at damp places or near to children should be prohibited

*Children must be accompanied by adults when igniting the product

*Be cautious and alert to avoid accidents



April4Design - 火卡 - 黑夜星光




  1. 將你個人的信息寫在 內卡的空白位置上.
  2. 沿著壓線把內卡和主卡小心摺好.
  3. 把內卡套進主卡中, 化學紙較脆弱, 摺合時請小心
  4. 把附送的火柴輕擦主卡右側的火柴擦, 燃點火卡上白色的地方
  5. 與朋友享受火光燃起, 信息出現的驚喜體驗!
  6. 卡片附有兩枝火柴 (海外或台灣的客人, 由於空運不能附上火柴, 所以火柴需自行購買)
  7. 尺寸為150x195x5mm




*火卡的火為真實火焰, 如火點著後未完全熄滅, 請立即吹熄, 請小心使用以免發生危險。

*此產品高度易燃, 不宜存放在潮濕的地方, 請放在兒童接觸不到的地方, 兒童使用時必須由大人陪同, 產品使用後呈現的燒焦反應屬正常現象, 請小心使用以免意外發生。



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