Greenway - Slim Plum - 12 Sachets  纖之梅(12包裝)

Greenway - Slim Plum - 12 Sachets 纖之梅(12包裝)

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Greenway - Slim Plum - 12 Sachets


"Greenway - Slim Plum", which is made of natural herbs, with ingredients used for digestion, detoxify and fat limitation. It is effective in bowel movement, waist trimming, preventing constipation, and eliminating toxins. Slim Plum has passed through chemical test by a Hong Kong laboratory; comply with the objective standards to heavy metal, preservation, pesticide and plasticizer that have evolved in the Food Safety Ordinance.

  • Active Lactobacillus and Green Tea help to clean-up your intestinalsystem, enrich intestinal peristalsis and defecation.
  • Galactooligosaccharide can improve and maintain intestine health.
  • Amylolytic enzyme and Lipolytic enzyme help to maintain intestine health and promote digestion.
  • Chitosan can prevent grease absorption and trim waist.


Greenway - 纖之梅(12包裝)


「天然良品 - 纖之梅強效新配方」使用天然草本植物,加入有助消化、排毒、吸脂的成份;暢便、排毒、收腩功效顯著。產品不但在台灣生產,更通過香港化驗所檢測,符合「香港食物安全法例」對重金屬、防腐剷、農藥及塑化剷相關法例,產品質素更加有保證

  • 活性乳酸菌及綠茶幫助排毒及暢便,增加腸道蠕動及有助排便
  • 半乳寡糖能改善及維持腸道健康
  • 澱粉分解酵素及脂肪分解酵素幫助維持腸道健康,促進消化
  • 甲殼素能阻止油脂吸收,達至修腰、收腩效果




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