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Senty Earth Mat Sleeping Mate 「山田接地套裝」

Senty Earth Mat Sleeping Mate 「山田接地套裝」

Senty sleeping mate makes you feel comfortable in bed, and it also help you rebalance the body’s bioelectrical systems so as to boost up your health. Indoor grounding can perform as simple as the cord connecting the Senty pillow mat to the power socket. The bioelectrical charges will naturally be channeled out via the earth lead of the building. This creative idea fits the modern living in high-rise building. Our products are grounded through the earth wire, and the neutral and live wire are plastic. So, the product is completely insulated and safe to use. 


Inside the packing 
The Senty sleeping mate includes Earth Pillow Mat, Seamless Silk Pillowcase, Connecting Cord, and six Travel Adapters, well organized in carrying pouch.


Made in Hong Kong


The Asia Exhibition of Inventions Hong Kong(AEI) - Bronze Award 

户外赤腳接地可以解決時差問題,但會有天氣與地理限制,「山田接地套裝」功能就像赤腳跟大自然接觸一樣,原理是利用室內電座的地線,以大地為導體,達至排走多餘微電流。 銀紗是作為導體的優秀物料,以其製造的針織成品有助引走身體內積聚的微電流,從而放鬆身心,改善血液循環。通過地線進行接地,中線及火線以塑膠代替,完全絕緣,可安心使用。

套裝包裝接地枕頭墊、無縫蠶絲枕袋、接地引導綫(各一)及 六個轉接插頭,備有旅行收納袋以供輕鬆整理。香港製造

第二屆亞洲發明展覽會 - 香港 銅獎


  • (接地枕頭墊及蠶絲枕袋)洗滌方法

    • 冷水機洗
    • 低溫烘乾
    • 不可氯漂
    • 低溫燙
    • 不可乾洗
    • 不要使用漂白劑、衣物柔順劑、或任何含有漂白或柔軟劑的洗滌劑,當中的化學品可能會破壞產品的引導性。




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