SOVOS - CNY Laisee Blessing Sanitizer Mini Gift Box /「利是封」有機殺菌噴霧小禮盒 (20ml x 3)

SOVOS - CNY Laisee Blessing Sanitizer Mini Gift Box /「利是封」有機殺菌噴霧小禮盒 (20ml x 3)

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SOVOS - CNY Laisee Blessing Sanitizer Mini Gift Box (20ml x 3)


'Laisee Blessing Sanitizer Mini Gift Box ' with Red Packets To Send Your Blessings!
(Limited laisee available. Giveaway as stock available)


Laisee Blessing Concept:
A novelty gifting experience bringing warmth and blessings to your loved ones through our uniquely designed red packets. Each minibox contains three sanitizers filled with unique Chinese New Year scents.

Featuring in three scents which symbolises three different blessing:

  • Kumquat - Luck
  • Peach Blossom - Wealth
  • Narcissus - Happiness

A design theme ‘Spread Love, Spray Love’ adds an extra personalization element by allowing you to write the recipient’s name on the laisee red packet!


Usage 1 -「Blessing」Mini Gift Box 

Blessings x3:"Happiness + Wealth + Luck"
Personalize your gift by writing the recipient's name on the name tag at the side of the box.


Usage 2 -「Blessing」Laisee Red Packet

Sanitizers with Red Packets To Send Your Blessings! (Limited laisee available. Giveaway as stock available)


  • Step 1: The gift senders can choose the perfect scent and blessing for their recipients. Then gift it together with cash in the red packet. 
  • Step 2: Write the recipient's name on our specially designed red packet and send it!



FREE FROM: Paraben, Skin Irritants, Harmful Chemicals, Synthetic Fragrances, Colourant


SOVOS  Bioactive Organic Sanitizer attained highest safety standards: 

  • Switzerland SGS laboratory test
  • Ultimate bio-safety test with Nobel-prized green fluorescent protein technology
  • European Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals  
  • International safety standards including US EPA, OSHA and NIOSH


Recognised by authorities :

  • "Excellent Performance" by local product authority magazine "Topick" 
  • "Editor's Choice" Mama & Baby award by the "Beauty Shortlist Awards 2020", one of the UK's leading beauty awards
  • Product authorized under Health Canada hand sanitizer listing


Proprietary Formula

1. Advanced Antibacterial & Antiviral

  • Enhanced sanitizing effect with finely selected anti-bacterial botanicals that has strong synergistic values supported by research papers.
  • Antiviral agent: Carvacrol is proven to be highly effective against colds, flu (pandemic H1N1 virus) and more than 10 types of every day household bacteria*.
  • Fast kill times as short as 30 seconds contact time, minimizing organisms reproduction.


2. Ultra safe & gentle 

  • Completely FREE from : paraben, skin irritants, harmful chemicals, synthetic fragrances, colourant
  • Fulfilling US EPA, OSHA, NIOSH safety standards
  • Passed stringent bio-testings proven safe for skin sensitivity, eye irritation, or inhalation
  • Suitable for use around children, the elderly, and pregnant women
  • Citrus serum forms a protective layer and replenishes lost moisture 
  • Consist a rich source of bio-active compounds (200~1000), no chance for microorganisms to build up a future resistance*


3. Respiratory Protection

  • Respiratory protection with proprietary botanical blend 
  • Featuring plants in the family Myrtaceae to minimise symptoms of a cough by soothing the throat, inhibit the growth of bad bacteria that cause sinus infections, reduce inflammation, protect mucosa from damage


100% Natuaral & Active Ingredients

  • Organic Morocco Bay:Kill bacteria(Streptococcus pneumonia, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, enteric bacteria, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Klebsiella, Spiral bacteria);Kill virus(Candida albicans, Candida tropcalis)Compounds α-pine and β-Myrcene can help inhibit SARS - CoV and HSV-1 and provide respiratory support
  • Organic New Zealand Manuka: Powerful antimicrobial properties compared to tea tree, yet more gentle due to the high levels of β-triketones compounds. It also soothes inflammation and aids healing
  • Myrtaceae: The main component 1,8-cineole helps soothe and support healthy respiratory function, reduce inflammatory airway diseases such as mucus hypersecretion


SOVOS - 「利是封」有機殺菌噴霧 - 小禮盒 (20ml x 3)




  • 桃花味-「福樂滿堂」
  • 大吉味-「吉祥如意」
  • 水仙味 -「花開富貴」




用法 1 -「祝福」小禮盒 

送上x3重祝福:"Happiness + Wealth + Luck"


#用法 2 -「祝福」利是封



  • Step 1: 於禮盒中抽出一個相應香味及祝福,利是錢與噴霧一併放進「祝福利是封」內
  • Step 2: 貼上燙金「祝福貼紙」封口,利是封正面親筆寫上收禮人名字,拜年時送給摯愛親朋


 專為香港人定制的抗疫產品 MADE IN H.K.   

通過 : SGS瑞士測試,生物安全測試,符合世衛標準,五大國家安全標準
不含: 化學添加,化學防腐劑,合成香料,人工色素,動物實驗



  • 本地媒體Topick評為安全品質卓越,
  • 以及英國最具公信力的評選網站 The Beauty Shortlist Awards 最佳編輯推薦獎





  • 【高效殺菌】:符合世衛標準,殺滅冠狀病毒的加強配方,99.99%殺菌效能
  • 【協同草本】高達99.75%來自紐西蘭、澳洲和摩洛哥的天然草本,比茶樹強效30倍但更溫和,富含香芹酚(Carvacrol) ,獲哥倫比亞大學證實能夠明顯對抗流感病毒H1N1以及10多個菌種
  • 【安全無抗藥性】:孕婦、小童、濕疹、G6PD可用,無毒、無干擾荷爾蒙、無刺激性,添加滋潤柑橘精華,避免過敏、泛紅、乾燥等情況
  • 【保護上呼吸道系統】:桃金孃科植物能緩解感染症狀,抑制粘膜的病毒細菌滋生



  • 有機摩洛哥月桂 Bay:殺滅細菌(肺炎雙球菌、葡萄球菌、鏈球菌、腸內菌、淋球菌、大腸菌Kleb氏桿菌、螺旋菌);殺滅病毒(白色念珠菌、熱帶黴菌),含α-pine烯,β-月桂烯可抑制SARS - CoV 和 HSV-1 病毒複製活性,支援呼吸系統。
  • 有機紐西蘭麥蘆卡 Manuka:殺菌能力比茶樹強,但更溫和,富含三酮複合物(β-triketones)可舒緩炎症及鎮靜肌膚。
  • 桃金孃科植物及其他萃取 Myrtaceae:主要含1,8-桉油醇(1,8-cineole),能加強殺菌功效,同時清潔呼吸系統、強力祛粘液性質。 


*HK Local Delivery Fee 本地運費: HK$20*


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