ROSSANA Every Day Sweet Face Care

ROSSANA Every Day Sweet Face Care

[Mother's Day Special] ROSSANA Every Day Sweet Face Care


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ROSSANA is highly concentrated in  100% natural Bulgarian rose oil (Otto), which has strong healing, restoring and anti-aging effects, to boost vitality and hydration, and help natural glow and treat skin problems. Feel the power and get yours now! 


Set includes:

1. ROSSANA Rose Water Fusion  (100ml)

2. ROSSANA Rose Oil Day Face Cream (50ml)

3. ROSSANA Rose Oil Night Face Cream (50ml)

4. ROSSANA Rose Oil and Clay Deep Cleansing Face Mask (75ml)

5. ROSSANA Rose Water Hands Disinfectant Gel (100ml)

[母親節套裝] ROSSANA 玫瑰水潤系列




ROSSANA產品含高濃度100%天然保加利亞玫瑰油 (Otto) 分子,具有強大的癒合、修復及抗衰老功效,有助增強肌膚活力和保持水潤,幫助肌膚煥發自然光澤並改善皮膚問題。 



1. ROSSANA 天然玫瑰純露 (100ml)

2. ROSSANA 玫瑰油面部日霜 (50ml)

3. ROSSANA 玫瑰油面部晚霜 (50ml)

4. ROSSANA 玫瑰油深層潔顔泥面膜‎ (75ml)

5. ROSSANA 玫瑰水消毒搓手液 (100ml)


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