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Simple Lab Experience- RINBO-S. Leak-proof Glass Bottle For Hot & Cold/氣壓系實用玻璃水瓶

Simple Lab Experience- RINBO-S. Leak-proof Glass Bottle For Hot & Cold/氣壓系實用玻璃水瓶

SKU: RB2001-S

Simple Lab Experience- RINBO-S. Leak-proof Glass Bottle For Hot & Cold


RINBO is probably the best water bottle you’ve ever met.


  • One-push lock/open: The thread-free design provides a revolutionary lock/open solution within a breath.
  • Smart lock: The perfect combination of material, structure & air pressure ensures the water bottle to securely lock the liquid inside no matter it’s hot or cold, alkaline or acidic.
  • Heat-proof sleeve: RINBO comes with a sleeve made of premium felt, offering extra protection for hot drinks.
  • Zero dead corner: Thanks to the wide-open mouth, it’s super easy cleaning.
  • Quality material: Premium high borosilicate glass is regarded as the best material of drinking ware for its superior thermal and chemical stability as well as its crystal clear texture.
  • Uniqueness: Food grade silicone rubber with unique marble texture makes every single piece as a limited edition.
  • Comfort gripping size: With a diameter of 6.5 cm only, RINBO could be comfortably held in one hand.
  • Ergonomic design: The inward-folded rim fits comfortably with the lips, ensuring a smooth drinking experience.
  • Volume options: RINBO’s capacity is up to 550mL, more than a regular bottled water, enough for outdoor demands; RINBO-S, is however, close to a small tin of cola with capacity up to 280mL, good enough for a drink yet light enough for a mini outing. 

Product Dimension: 6.5 x 6.5 x 11 (cm)


Simple Lab Experience- 極簡-RINBO氣壓系 不懼熱水 實用 玻璃水瓶


RINBO 可能是您見過的最好用的玻璃隨身杯。


  • 隨手開/關封蓋:摒棄傳統螺紋鎖定結構,充分考慮用戶使用習慣,獨有的隨意按壓開關封蓋設計讓喝水變得更加隨心所欲。
  • 智能密封:利用材料特性以及氣壓原理設計的極簡鎖定結構,無論冷/熱/酸/堿,RINBO隨身杯的獨特結構都能確保在極簡操作同時有效鎖緊,防止漏水。
  • 隔熱杯套:配備優質毛氈杯套,防燙防滑。
  • 易潔設計:所有配件均為零死角設計,玻璃杯大口徑設計更能確保便利清潔。
  • 優質材料:優質高硼矽玻璃,耐熱防炸裂 / 耐酸碱饮品 / 清澈透明/強度更高,是最健康的飲用容器。
  • 獨一無二:雲石紋工藝讓每一個矽膠蓋都有如指紋般獨一無二,讓每一個產品都成為“限量版”。
  • 超優持握感: 6.5公分直徑,無論男生女生,均能一手舒適持握,輕鬆自在。
  • 人體工學:飲用邊口微收,確保飲水時貼緊下唇,緩緩酌飲。
  • 大小兼顧:大容量版本達到550mL,超過一瓶純淨水,滿足外出飲水需求;小容量版本為280mL,接近一罐可樂,迷你之餘兼顧飲用,輕巧便攜。

產品尺寸:6.5 x 6.5 x 11(厘米)


*HK Local Delivery Fee 本地運費: HK$30*


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