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PAUS - Smutta Linen Filter Set (3 Pieces)

PAUS - Smutta Linen Filter Set (3 Pieces)

SKU: DR-111

A durable and environmental-considered filter that is not only friendly to our land, but also preserves the original flavor of coffee.


An alternative substitute of paper-filter. 100% made out of nature, with linen material, it does not only keeps original flavor of coffee but also saves more trees.



Material: 100% Linen



  • Provide the original flavour of coffee; Perfect extraction with strong body flavour and long least after taste.
  • Eco-friendly 100% natural linen material, reusable for 80~100 times, easy to clean and dry.


  • Before every use please dampen the filter and thoroughly wring out.
  • After use, discard the coffee grounds by turning the filter inside out and gently remove the excess into a bin; then rinse in warm water and hang.
  • Avoid using detergent to wash the filter.


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