ORIGIN: Fountain Pen (nib size: fine)

ORIGIN: Fountain Pen (nib size: fine)

Tracing the origin of fountain pens, we have evolved the dip pen features in our design. We had been testing on different nibs, pen bodies, grip lengths, diameters, and weights in order to modify and fine tune the quality to produce the best, original writing experience.


ORIGIN: Fountain Pen's clean design in high-quality aluminum restores the origin elements and function of a classic writing instrument.


The protruding part of the cap gives the pen an elegant appearance as well as an anti-rolling feature.   


Nibs and converters are provided by the German company Schmidt to ensure a smooth ink flow; compatible with all international standard cartridges and converters.


Available nib sizes: Middle (M) or Fine (F)


Size: 158mm x dia 12mm

Weight: 21g


Packing Size: 76 x 175 x 38mm

Weight: 135g




ORIGIN 鋼筆採用優質鋁材,配合簡潔設計,保存了經典書寫工具的原始元素和功能。




筆尖和吸墨器由德國公司 Schmidt 提供,以確保墨水流動順暢;兼容國際標準的卡式墨水。





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