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NEOEN - Neoprene Large V-Tote 大手提袋

NEOEN - Neoprene Large V-Tote 大手提袋

NEOEN Neoprene Large V-Tote


The NEOEN Neoprene Large V-Tote is made of unique wet suit material - neoprene - which has soft-touch feeling and lightweight, by using unique patchwork of punched & non-punch material to form its unique "V" shape pattern. An evergreen design everyday tote fits for formal dressing, casual and even sporty look!


Large capacity with two inner zip pockets, magnetic stud closure

Special design - closing the magnetic studs at two-ends to transform to another bag shape, open to enlarge the capacity


Color: Black / Light Grey / Pink / Green / Navy

Size: approx. 47 x 15 x 29 cm


  • Unique V-shape patchwork pattern
  • High Quality wet suit material - neoprene - soft, light
  • Patchwork of punched / non-punch
  • Rope shoulder strap
  • Double big inner zip-pockets
  • Magnetic closing stud in middle & two-end of bag
  • Washable material (no bleaching)
  • Non-woven protection bag (include in packaging)



NEOEN Neoprene Large V-Tote 大手提袋 


The NEOEN Neoprene Large V-Tote  用了獨特的潛水衣物料, 手感柔軟、特別輕盈, 特色拼合物料形成V形線條, 營造出獨特的視覺效果. 隨意, 隨性, 隨心的手袋, 無論是外出, 上班, 都是很完美的選擇.


顏色: 經典黑 / 淺灰 / 粉紅 / 綠 / 海軍藍

尺寸: 約 47 x 15 x 29 cm


  • 獨有拼合V型線條

  • 高品質潛水衣物料--輕盈/柔軟
  • 物料表層透孔 / 不透孔拼合
  • 高級登山肩繩
  • 內雙面拉鍊內袋
  • 開口位及左右磁性鈕扣
  • 產品可机洗/手洗 (不可浸泡, 不可漂白)
  • 每個產品均配有一個防塵袋, 方便收藏



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