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METOMICS - T-Rex 3-in-1 (Collector Series 001)/ 暴龍 3合1 (收藏家系列 001)

METOMICS - T-Rex 3-in-1 (Collector Series 001)/ 暴龍 3合1 (收藏家系列 001)

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METOMICS - T-Rex 3-in-1 (Collector Series 001)


METOMICS is an innovative designer building block system made from precision cut anodised aluminium. These connect to create stunning designs, perfect or buiding, play and display by builders of all ages.


Each Metomics Collector Series 001 set contains 290 pieces to build 3 models. Additional Metomics Elements can be purchased to extend the sets and build your own creations.


  • This 3-in-1 set of 290 designer aluminium blocks allow you to build either one of the followings:
    • T-Rex over 160mm high
    • Mecha 150mm high
    • Sparrow 100mm high
  • Each set includes a series of revolutionary articulated blocks which allow you to pose the models in lifelike positions.
  • Printed instructions for the T-Rex are included
  • Scan the in-pack QR code to access digital instructions for Mecha and Sparrow
  • Complete with hard plastic case for convenient storage.
  • Colour: Aztec Gold



METOMICS - 暴龍 3合1 (收藏家系列 001)




每個Metomics 收藏家系列 001包含 290 塊組件,可以構建3個模型。你亦可以購買其他Metomics Elements來擴展或合併構建自己的作品。


  • 這套三合一設計師的 290塊鋁金屬組件能夠構建以下其中一件模型:
    • 暴龍 ~ 高度超過160毫米
    • 機械人~ 高150毫米
    • 麻雀 ~ 高100毫米
  • 每套都包含一系列革命性的鉸接方塊,可讓你將模型擺設更為逼真。
  • 內含暴龍的製作的印刷說明書
  • 掃描包裝內的QR code 可以查看機械人及麻雀的電子說明書
  • 配有質塑硬盒,方便存放。
  • 顏色:金黃色



*HK Local Delivery Fee 本地運費: HK$30*


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