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METOMICS - Butterfly 3-in-1 (Collector Series 002)/ 蝴蝶 3合1 (收藏家系列 002)

METOMICS - Butterfly 3-in-1 (Collector Series 002)/ 蝴蝶 3合1 (收藏家系列 002)

SKU: 94000005

METOMICS - Butterfly 3-in-1 (Collector Series 002)


Create shining metal animal models with METOMICS

METOMICS is an innovative designer building block system made from precision cut aluminium which is finished in a variety of metallic colours. Each Metomics Collector Series 002 set contains 150 pieces to build 3 models. Additional Metomics Elements can be purchased to extend the sets and build your own creations.


  • 3-in-1 set of 150 designer aluminium blocks builds either one of the followings:
    • Deer over 130mm high
    • Gecko 200mm
    • Butterfly 140mm
  • Each set includes a series of revolutionary articulated blocks which allow you to pose the models in lifelike positions.
  • Printed instructions are included for the model featured on the packaging (Azure Blue – Butterfly, Aztec Gold – Deer, Ruby Red – Gecko)
  • Scan the in-pack QR code to access digital instructions for 2 more models
  • Complete with hard plastic case for convenient storage.
  • Colour: Azure Blue
  • Contents: 150 pieces
  • Weight: 285g



METOMICS - 蜥蝪 3合1 (收藏家系列 002)


使用METOMICS製作閃耀亮麗的金屬動物模型 METOMICS是一個創新設計的積木系統,由精密切割的鋁金屬製造而成,並以多種金屬顏色製成。每個Metomics 收藏家系列 002包含 150 塊組件,可以構建3個模型。你亦可以購買其他Metomics Elements來擴展或合併構建自己的作品。


  • 這套三合一設計師的 150塊鋁金屬組件能夠構建以下其中一件模型:
    • 小鹿 ~ 130毫米高
    • 蜥蝪 ~ 200毫米
    • 蝴蝶 ~ 140毫米
  • 每套都包含一系列革命性的鉸接方塊,可讓你將模型擺設更為逼真
  • 包裝附帶相關型號的印刷說明書 (天藍色 – 蝴蝶, 金黃色 – 小鹿, 寶石紅 – 蜥蝪)
  • 掃描包裝內的 QR code 可以查看另外兩個模型的電子說明書。
  • 配有質塑硬盒,方便存放。
  • 顏色:天藍色
  • 數量:150
  • 重量:285g


*HK Local Delivery Fee 本地運費: HK$30*


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