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Levimoon | The Moon 無線充電懸浮月亮燈 (20 cm)

Levimoon | The Moon 無線充電懸浮月亮燈 (20 cm)

Levimoon - The Moon is the world's first levitating moon light with true wireless charging implemented. By combining our patented levitating technology and the latest 3D printing technology, we made the most unique home decoration better than ever. Levimoon - The Moon is always the best moon light in your living room, bedroom or your office. It is also the most unique gift for your beloved.


Main Features:

  • Magnetic levitating planet light
  • Wireless charging of the light without any cable nor contact
  • Fully restored the surface of the Moon
  • Docking made of high quality wood
  • Controllable brightness and light color between white and yellow
  • Also working as a portable light after the light is charged



  • 20cm Sphere Light Dimensions: ≥19cm and <20cm due to uneven surface
  • 20cm Levitating Docking Dimensions: 15.3cm x 15.3cm x 4cm
  • Sphere Light Material: PLA
  • Base Finish: Walnut wood
  • Lighting Color Options: Warm yellow and cold white
  • LED voltage: 0.1w ~ 1.5w
  • Working Hours: 10-100 hours
  • Battery Capacity: 600mAh rechargeable lithium battery
  • Sphere Light Power: Wireless charging with levitating docking
  • Base Power: Power adapter @ Global voltage compatible 100 - 240v






Levimoon | 無線充電懸浮月亮燈 (15cm) 特色

  • 3D打印技術創造逼真的月亮紋理
  • 配合專用底座月亮燈可漂浮在空中也可自轉
  • 充滿電即可維持照明時間約為10到100小時(取決於燈光的亮度)
  • 兩種燈光(暖色調黃光或冷色調白光), 色調可調整
  • 月亮燈直徑15cm, 燈體材質為PLA(Polylactic Acid), 屬於環保型材料
  • 專用底座尺寸約12.2 cm×12.2 cm×3 cm, 表面為核桃木
  • 從底座拿下來它是一個獨立的月亮燈, 是一個無線的小夜燈

Levimoon | 無線充電懸浮月亮燈 (15cm) 規格

  • 月亮燈直徑20cm, 燈體材質為PLA(Polylactic Acid), 屬於環保型材料
  • 專用底座尺寸約12.2 cm×12.2 cm×3 cm, 真木底座, 表面貼皮為核桃木
  • 照明顏色選項:暖色調黃光和冷色調白光
  • 照明時間:10到100小時,取決於燈光的亮度
  • 底座電源:美式插頭電源適配器@全球電壓兼容100 – 240v
  • LED電壓:0.1w〜1.5w
  • 電池容量:600mAh可充電鋰電池
  • 月光功率:懸浮式對接無線充電

產品榮獲 香港智營設計2020 優異獎


*HK Local Delivery Fee 本地運費: HK$70*


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