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KnitWarm Wrap 織暖護帶

KnitWarm Wrap 織暖護帶

Extremely stretchable & breathable material reinforces a comfortable fit or provides the compression and support on any joints. Adjustable heat helps passive warm up, relieves joint discomfort, and enhances muscle soreness or injury recovery. Seamless battery holder secures the power source worry free while using KnitWarm Wrap and is equipped with cable control slots for easy access of functionality. Simply slide the battery to the top of holder after charged, and slide out when finished. Designs, narrative, color and visuals are not only for conjuring up the technology, but also encouraging users to wear as fashion accessories.

  • inlcuding ultra slim 3000mAh power bank
  • 5 adjustable heat-setting level
  • maintain constant temperature
  • 15/30/60 mins timer
  • mobile app controllable; connected up to 6 KnitWarm products
  • invented, designed and made in Hong Kong.



  • 連 3000mAh超薄行動電源
  • 線控 / 手機應用程式(可同時連接六件產品)
  • 5段溫度調節
  • 15/30/60分鐘定時器
  • 恆溫記憶
  • 100%香港研發、設計及製造


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