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KnitWarm CrossOver Scarf (Merino Wool) 織暖小頸巾

KnitWarm CrossOver Scarf (Merino Wool) 織暖小頸巾

With KnitWarm technology, you can enjoy the intelligent warmth on your neck with only a small scarf.  You are able to carry this small scarf in your hand bag any time. The CrossOver Scarf offers warmth and comfort like a toasty neck warmer in chilled weather. 

Two small pockets under the left side of the scarf are for slipping in the battery and control. Folding the scarf horizontally in half and put the warmer part close to your neck. Secure the scarf by feeding the other ends through the tunnel where the small pockets are located.

  • ultra fine Merino Wool

  • 3000mAh slim power bank

  • 5 adjustable heat-setting level

  • maintain constant temperature

  • 15/30/60 mins timer

  • mobile app controllable; connected up to 6 KnitWarm products

  • invented, designed and made in Hong Kong.



  • 優質美麗諾羊毛

  • 連 3000mAh超薄行動電源

  • 線控 / 手機應用程式(可同時連接六件產品)
     5段溫度調節 / 恆溫記憶

  • 100%香港研發、設計及製造


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