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Kiri - Selene Black Nightwear Panties 黑色夜用月經防漏內褲

Kiri - Selene Black Nightwear Panties 黑色夜用月經防漏內褲


Women deserve sustainable and reliable period care. From first periods to the occasional leakage - kiri period panties will address them all. Our nightwear panties can be used, reused and offer maximum protection all night long.


Customers can now purchase kiri  high-waisted seamless panties individually.


The founders wanted a simple and dependable colour option to offer our customers - kiri Selene Black is a classic shade that is both timeless and sophisticated. The colour evokes a sense of boldness, confidence and energy. 


Wear it, wash it, love it. Then do it all over again.


SELENE 黑色高腰月經防漏內褲

女性應該擁有可持續和可靠的經期護理。 不論於初經到偶爾的失禁,Kiri 月經防漏內褲 都可以滿足女性一切需要。我們的夜用內褲可以重複使用,並在整個晚上提供最大程度的保護。




創辦人希望為我們的客戶提供一種簡單可靠的顏色選擇 - Kiri Selene 是一種經典的色調。這種顏色喚起了一種大膽、自信和活力的感覺。


Kiri 月經防漏內褲都會伴你度過每分每刻。


Product Detail


8.5 regular tampons / 15 teaspoons / 75 ml

Designed in Hong Kong with Love. Made in China.




8.5 條普通衛生棉條/ 15 茶匙/ 75 毫升液體



User Guide

All night (or day too!) - Wear the panties on their own! Forget setting alarms at night to change out of your tampon or waking up constantly to make sure your sheets are still clean. Designed with a full padding coverage all the way to the back, our high-waisted nightwear panties have extra layers and special fabrics to absorb the heaviest of flows. Say goodbye to the stuffy traditional sanitary pads! It is time for us bleeding girls to get our beauty sleep.


Tip - If it is your first time, a great way to test the waters is to wear it towards the end of your period when your flow is lighter. Our nightwear panties are extremely absorbent and can provide maximum protection - feel free to use them at all hours of the day.



整晚使用(甚至整日) - 只需Kiri 月經防漏內褲!我們明白您有時會忘記更換衛生棉條,或不斷醒來以確保你的床單仍然乾淨。Kiri 全面覆蓋的內褲設計,具有額外的層數和特殊面料,可吸收極大流量。告別悶熱的傳統衛生巾! 是時候讓各位睡公主發個美夢了。


溫馨提示 : 如果這是你的第一次使用,建議可於流量較少時試用。我們的夜用月經防漏內褲具有極強的吸力,可提供最大程度的保護——可以全天都使用。


Size Guide

Kindly note that the kiri nightwear panties have a much tighter fit compared to the kiri daywear panties. You may find that your size varies between different panty styles.

Fitting may vary even for articles of the same size.

Our model, Angelica, is 177cm/5’9.75”, hip size 98cm/38.58” and is wearing a size Medium.






Science Behind

Our panties consist of four layers of leakproof-infused technology that trap and lock in liquid within the water-resistant and moisture-wicking materials. This includes an outer shell fabric, a layer designed to prevent any stains or leaks, a layer of absorbent material that can hold up to 8.5 regular tampons worth of flow and a barrier to keep your intimate areas comfortable.



Kiri 月經防漏內褲為四重防漏設計,物料擁有防水及吸濕的功能,可將液體鎖實。當中的外層設計,可防止留下任何污漬,及液體流出,可容納8.5 條普通衛生棉條的液體量,讓你敏感的私處得到充分的保護。



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