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Kiri - Selene Black Every Day Bra 黑色Every Day胸圍

Kiri - Selene Black Every Day Bra 黑色Every Day胸圍

Let’s be real. Underwire - who wants it?

Blending seamlessly under your favourite t-shirt, this smooth-fitting bra lifts, shapes and covers without the restricting underwire for all day comfort. Our Kiri Every Day Bra can be worn daily and is designed with breathable, lightweight material and removable padding. Ultra-soft, smooth and oh-so-comfortable, it is our top choice for those who suffer from pre-period breast swelling or tenderness. Give yourself (and your girls) some tender loving care!


Elevate your period experience with our Kiri Every Day Bra in Selene Black. 



這款光滑配身的胸圍,即使穿上 T 卹,都可以做到塑形的效果,並不需鋼圈,可全天舒適地穿著。 我們的 Kiri Every Day 胸圍可以每天穿著,採用透氣、輕質材料和可拆墊設計。 物料超柔軟、光滑且非常舒適,是經期前乳房腫脹或壓痛女士的首選。 給自己(和你的姊妹們)一點關懷!


以穿上我們的 Kiri Selene 黑色Every Day胸圍,以改善你的經期體驗。


Product Detail

  • Fabic: 59% Nylon, 41% Elastane

  • Wirefree, seamless, and four-way stretch design for Every Day comfort

  • Smooth support that moulds to your body

  • V-neck bra designed to stay hidden under your garments

  • Lightweight and breathable with removable-pads design

  • Stitch-free hook-and-eye ensures an unobtrusive fit

  • Bonded underband won’t dig in nor constrict movement

Designed in Hong Kong with Love. Made in China.



  • 物料:59% 尼龍, 41% 氨綸

  • 無鋼圈、無縫及四向彈力設計

  • 光滑配身,完美塑造你的身形

  • V領胸圍,能完美隐藏在你的衣服下

  • 輕質材料和可拆墊設計

  • 無縫的扣確保胸圍更加配身

  • 下腳橡筋不會影響你的日常活動



Care Guide

Hand Wash: 

  • Fill the basin with luke-warm water and a tablespoon of mild detergent

  • Take out the removable pads

  • Place the bra and removable pads into the sink and let soak for 10-15 minutes

  • Gently remove the detergent and rinse clean

  • Remove the bra from the basin and line dry


Machine Wash: 

  • Put the bra into lingerie bag before placing into the washing machine

  • Select the “delicates” or “cold water cycle” (make sure to use mild detergent)

  • After the wash cycle, remove the bra from the lingerie bag and line dry

Do not bleach. Do not add softener. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron. Do not dry clean. Wash with like colors.




  • 於盆內放滿溫水,再加一湯匙溫清潔劑裝滿臉盆

  • 取出胸墊

  • 將胸圍和胸墊放入水中,浸 10-15 分鐘

  • 抹走清潔劑並沖洗乾淨

  • 最後掛起來晾乾



  • 將胸圍放入洗衣袋,再放入洗衣機

  • 選擇“精緻”或“冷水循環”(確保使用溫和的清潔劑)

  • 最後掛起來晾乾



Size Guide

Fitting may vary even for articles of the same size.

Our model, Angelica, is a 75B and is wearing a size Small.





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