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J&M Magnetic Energy Work Life Balance Essential Oil Diffuser Steel Necklace/香氛頸鏈

J&M Magnetic Energy Work Life Balance Essential Oil Diffuser Steel Necklace/香氛頸鏈

SKU: PST2787

J&M Jewelry - Magnetic Energy Life Balance Essential Oil Diffuser Steel Necklace



What a beautiful thing is the balance between work and life. The designer encourages and reminds us to pay attention to life balance through jewelry design, so that work, family and soul can maintain the least conflicting role, and be in perfect normal operation, with health magnetic energy technology and aromatherapy efficacy. Let the customer feel deeper love and care in emotion and taste. Wish the customer physical and mental health.


Stylish and simple design + Japanese magnetic health technology to enhance immunity + changeable colorful sponge sheet, can be matched with formal or casual clothing.


Customer can change into colorful sponge sheets according to their mood or clothing, and add their favorite fragrance to the sponge sheets, which not only protects you, but also allows you to emit fragrance anytime and anywhere. Live a healthy and beautiful life every day.


Protect yourself and your beloved, give special gifts to yourself and them!!


Material: Sugical Steel
Stone: 7 Color Sponge
Size: 25MM ; Chain: 45+5CM
Color: Silver / Silver with Rose Gold Two Tone


Delivery : Free Delivery / Shipping in 3 working days

J&M Jewelry - 生活的平衡不鏽鋼香氛(保健)頸鏈


工作與生活的平衡是何等的美事, 設計師藉著首飾設計鼓勵和提醒我們注意生活平衡, 讓工作, 家庭和心靈之間維持住最少衝突角色, 並處於完美的正常運作, 再加上保健技術和香薰功效。讓客人在情感和味覺上, 感受更深的愛和關懷. 祝願客人身心靈健康.


設計時尚簡約 +日本保健技術, 增強免疫力 + 可換七彩海棉片, 可配搭正裝或休閒服飾.


客人可按心情或服飾隨意換上彩色海棉片, 並可在海棉片上加上喜愛的香薰味, 除保護你外, 還讓你隨時隨地散發出香氣. 每天 活出健康和美麗人生.


守護自己和最愛, 為自己和他們送上不一样的禮物!!

金屬 : 醫用精鋼

配件: 7 色海棉

呎吋: 25MM / 鏈條45+5CM

顏色: 銀色/ 銀玫瑰金雙色


運費 : 免運費 / 3個工作天內寄出 (香港)

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