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Islandoffer - Wooden Handle Soft Brush / Dusting Brush

Islandoffer - Wooden Handle Soft Brush / Dusting Brush

Islandoffer - Wooden Handle Soft Brush / Dusting Brush


Material: Anti-static PBT nylon brush



Total length: 34.5 cm Length of brush part: 22cm (all approximately omitted)

Total width: 10cm (approximately)

Width of the brush part: 7 cm (approximately)


Weight: 149g (approximately)


Package includes: 1pc of wooden spatula


Key Features:

  • SOFT BRISTLE: Hand brush is non-scratch for the surface, gentle for indoor and outdoor cleaning.
  • GOOD GRIP: Dust brush handle made of oiled wood, with smooth and comfortable grip
  • DURABLE ENOUGH: PBT nylon bristles is not easy to deformate, loss bristles compared with horsehair
  • EASY STORAGE: Short handle with hole, simply hang on wall for daily storage
  • ALL PURPOSE: Dusting brush used for clothes, bed, sofa, TV screen, laptops,keyboard, piano, furniture, table, counter tops, workbench, fireplace, patio ledge and more


Kind reminders:

  • NATURAL WOOD: Each brush is unique since it is a natural product and wood grain varies by years and tree growth.
  • COMFORTABLE ENVIRONMENT: Avoid direct sunlight or extremely dry environment which may cause cracks on wood; avoid long-term dampness, please place the spoon in a ventilated place.
  • CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE: Please do not use chemical detergent to clean. Periodically wipe with a bit of olive oil, using a towel and wipe off the excess to restore the wood grain to its original beauty when it appears to be drying out. You will have years of enjoyment with proper care.​


Cleansing tips for wooden utensils:


  • DON'T put wood utensils or cutting boards into the dishwasher. The intense steam and extended time in hot water will make the wood crack.
  • DON'T let the utensils sit in water to soak for extended periods of time.



  • DO wash the utensils in hot soapy water fairly quickly after use.
  • DO pat the utensils dry with a cloth and let air dry.
  • DO rub with a slice of lemon and let air dry if any strong flavors have seeped into the wood
  • DO apply a mineral oil to the wood every once in a while to prevent the wood from drying out and cracking.



    Islandoffer 島嶼製作 日式木質手柄軟毛刷 除塵刷 清潔刷 床刷 防靜電







    使用範圍: 衣物,梳發,家具,地毯都可使用



    總長度:34.5 cm 毛刷部分長度:22cm(全部約略)


    毛刷部分闊度:7 cm(約略)



    請注意: 由於手工測量, 尺寸誤差約為1-2厘米商品圖片僅供參考,一切以實物為準。商品的顏色或會因電腦螢幕設定差異會略有不同,一切以實物為準。


    *Delivery Fee is to be paid by the customer upon receiving the product(s) sent by courier. 產品速遞運費到付.


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