Islandoffer -  Premium Acacia Wood Japanese Square Dessert Plate

Islandoffer - Premium Acacia Wood Japanese Square Dessert Plate

Islandoffer -  Premium Acacia Wood Japanese Square Dessert Plate


Material:Acacia wood

Size:25 x 25 cm

Product include:1 piece of square tray

Exquisitely hand crafted, Square shaped wooden serving plate; Adds a touch of luxury to any kitchen, dining room, or living area; Great accessory for large ottomans and coffee tables;


Each tray is hand crafted so there may be some variations in the color and finish


Inexpensive, come from the wood, Please notice: The wood pattern may not look exactly like the picture, as every one of them come from natural wood. Please understand before purchasing


Kind reminders:

  • NATURAL WOOD: Each item is unique since it is a natural product and grain varies by years and tree growth.
  • COMFORTABLE ENVIRONMENT: Avoid direct sunlight or extremely dry environment which may cause cracks on wood; avoid long-term dampness, please place the spoon in a ventilated place.
  • CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE: Please do not use chemical detergent to clean. Periodically wipe with a bit of olive oil, using a towel and wipe off the excess to restore the wood grain to its original beauty when it appears to be drying out. You will have years of enjoyment with proper care.


Cleansing tips for wooden utensils:


  • DON'T put wood utensils or cutting boards into the dishwasher. The intense steam and extended time in hot water will make the wood crack.
  • DON'T let the utensils sit in water to soak for extended periods of time.



  • DO wash the utensils in hot soapy water fairly quickly after use.
  • DO pat the utensils dry with a cloth and let air dry.
  • DO rub with a slice of lemon and let air dry if any strong flavors have seeped into the wood
  • DO apply a mineral oil to the wood every once in a while to prevent the wood from drying out and cracking.



    Islandoffer 島嶼製作 相思木正方形高級日式木製甜點盤子托盤


    材質: 相思木

    尺寸: 25cm x 25cm

    產品包括: 一件正方形托盤


    ​精緻的手工製作,方形木製盤子; 為任何廚房,餐廳或起居區增添一絲奢華感; 大型腳凳和咖啡桌的絕佳配件; 每個托盤都是手工製作的,因此顏色和飾面可能會有一些變化







    • 切勿將木製器具或砧板放入洗碗機。長時間置於蒸汽和熱力中會使木材裂開。
    • 請勿讓餐具長時間浸泡在水中浸泡。
    • 使用後,請用溫和的洗碗清潔劑清洗餐具。
    • 用布擦乾餐具,然後風乾。
    • 如果有任何強烈的味道滲入木材中,請用檸檬片揉搓並風乾
    • 每隔一段時間在木材上塗抹礦物油,以防止木材變乾和裂開。



    請注意: 由於手工測量, 尺寸誤差約為1-2厘米商品圖片僅供參考,一切以實物為準。商品的顏色或會因電腦螢幕設定差異會略有不同,一切以實物為準。



    *Delivery Fee is to be paid by the customer upon receiving the product(s) sent by courier. 產品速遞運費到付.


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