Rcube - INVISI

Rcube - INVISI

The cap can be invisible or visible, depending on your choice of use. We call it INVISI.
Simply lift the pen straight up, then INVISI is ready for quick note to have your ideas writen down. Or with a gentle twist to your right or left, the pen will come out with its cap attached, INVISI is then ready to join your journey. This pen has been designed with an integrated “Loop” at the top, making it perfect for attaching to a lanyard in your bag or along your neck as an accessory.



・Dual function for portable and desk pen

・Pen Size: 1.1 cm x 1.1 cm x 14.3 cm

・Stand Size: 4.4 cm x 4.4 cm x 4.5 cm

・Giftbox Size: 8.4 x 7 x 24 cm

・Weight: 520g

・Material: Brass

・Nib: Schneider top all 850, rollerball (Schneider, Germany)


*Delivery Fee is to be paid by the customer upon receiving the product(s) sent by courier. 產品速遞運費到付.


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