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April4Design - Idea American Football Memo  / 創意美式足球便條紙

April4Design - Idea American Football Memo / 創意美式足球便條紙

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April4Design - Idea American Football Memo

Have you ever thought of a playable memo pad? After you write on memo, throwing it in the garbage bin is not the only option. You can turn the to-do-list memo to a paper football and shoot it at the goal with your finger in the mini football court folded by yourself. Are you ready to the challenges?

Let's get today's work done. Be Brave! Be a amercian football player!


*Product Size: 73x112x10mm

*100pcs memo included


April4Design - 創意美式足球便條紙

你有在辦公室工作時感到枯燥嗎? 在學校上課時有感到沉悶嗎? 便條紙是生活中不可或缺的物品, 但你有否想過桌上的文具能成為你解悶的玩意? 美式足球便條紙能用作待辦清單, 使用後揸成小紙球, 包裝盒能摺成小形球場, 只需以手指輕輕一彈就能射過120碼的球場嗎?


*產品尺寸: 73x112x10mm



*When this item is purchased alone, the delivery fee is to be paid by the customer upon receiving the product(s) sent by courier (SF Express).

*Free Delivery when the customer purchases other April4 Design's products worth HK$200 or above in a single order.


*如只購買此貨品, 順豐速運 SF Express 運費將由顧客直接支付(運費到付).

*如於同一訂單內購買其他April4 Design 貨品滿HK$200則免收速遞運費.


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