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Greenway - Slim Jelly / 纖之果凍

Greenway - Slim Jelly / 纖之果凍

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"Greenway - Slim Jelly", which is made of 23 types of ABC Probiotics, 207 types of natural fruits and vegetables enzymes, Psyllium Husk and other natural herbs. Slim Jelly is effective in bowel movement, lightening age spot and pigment as well as promoting digestion.


  • 23 Types of ABC Probiotics help to promote digestion, eliminate toxins and strengthen bowel movement.
  • 207 Types of Natural Fruits and Vegetables Enzymes assist to enhance metabolism and promote digestion, which can improve the skin texture, lighten age spot and pigment as well as prevent constipation.
  • Psyllium Husk contains water-soluble fibre and insoluble fibre, which can promote intestinal probiotics, enrich intestinal peristalsis and help with defecation.


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「天然良品 - 纖之果凍」使用23種超級ABC益生菌、207種天然蔬果酵素、洋車前子麩皮纖維和其他天然草本植物。纖之果凍加入有助腸道蠕動、美肌、消化的成份,暢便、排毒、收腩功效顯著。


  • 23種超級ABC益生菌能促進消化和清除腸道淤積毒素,加強排便效果。
  • 207種天然蔬果酵素能有效促進新陳代謝及腸道消化,改善膚質,達至美肌、淡斑及預防便秘。
  • 洋車前子麩皮纖維含有水溶性和非水溶性纖維,助長腸道益生菌、增加腸道蠕動及有助排便。





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