Gitone - “NARCISSUS” Bone China Tea Set / 梓桐堂 -「水仙花」骨瓷茶具

Gitone - “NARCISSUS” Bone China Tea Set / 梓桐堂 -「水仙花」骨瓷茶具

"NARCISSUS" Bone China Tea Set
The dancing lines, the bouncing dots, the fainted yellow patches characterize the gracefulness, liveliness, and simplicity of narcissus. Free and easy strokes of platinum silver add bursts of unrestrained beauty to this Bone China Tea Set and to the joy of your sharing of tea.


Product Information:

  • Teacup: 105 x 95 mm
  • Box Size: 137 x 137 x 110 mm






  • 茶杯: 105 x 95 mm
  • 包裝: 137 x 137 x 110 mm



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