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paper diamond® - Ginkgo 18K Gold Ring / 銀杏葉18K啞金幼戒

paper diamond® - Ginkgo 18K Gold Ring / 銀杏葉18K啞金幼戒

SKU: GK3001

paper diamond® - Ginkgo 18K Gold Ring


Ginkgo represents strength and good health.
There is an old saying about good luck will arrive when picking up a Ginkgo leaf.

Inspired by fallen leaves in London, this Ginkgo Leaf Jewellery Collection is designed to magnify the beauty of leaves. 

The high quality 18K gold finishing gives the jewellery an elegant and luxurious touch. 


Materials: 925 Silver, 18K gold
Leaf Size: 13 x 20 mm
Ring size: Free (adjustable)


* Each piece in premium gift box


paper diamond® - 銀杏葉18K啞金幼戒


銀杏代表堅毅,也是健康的象徵。傳說拾到銀杏葉會帶來好運。 讓擁有迷人氣質的葉片掛在耳邊相伴,為生活加添幸福溫暖。
靈感源自設計師於倫敦生活時秋季落葉的情景,paper diamond® 銀杏葉系列採用 18K 金精心打造,為重現大自然的美。


* 秉承品牌固有理念「為平凡重新定義」
* 將落葉這貌似平凡的東西,透過用心的設計及手工,轉化成優雅的配飾
* 為每位女仕帶來時尚含蓄的單品。



銀杏葉 Leaf: 13 x 20 mm

Free ( 可調教 Adjustable)


* 產品附上首飾禮盒乙個


*HK Post Registered Mail Fee 本地掛號信件收費: HK$30*


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